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C Wholesale Collection

This wholesale collection includes four different printed leotards in various sizes to allow for you to provide your gymnasts with a variety of options to purchase without you having to commit to full size runs of the same leotard. A total of 12 leotards with 3 various sizes in each of the 4 different styles. 


Each leotard is sold at the wholesale price of $24.00 with the intentions of selling the items at their tagged price of $34.00. Creating a $10 profit per leotard for you! It is understood that the tagged price of $34.00 does not include any applicable sales tax and you are responsible for collecting sales tax from your customer. 

Below details the specifics of each collection of leos:

NOTE: Some collections below may have already been sold and will not be able to be selected for purchase.  

Collection A Includes:

- WILD ANIMAL: Sizes: 0,1,2

-JELLY FISH: Sizes: 1,2,3

-BASKET WEAVE: Sizes: 1,2,3

-NEON FISHY: Sizes: 0,1,2

Collection B Includes:

-WILD ANIMAL: Sizes: 1,2,3

-JELLY FISH: Sizes: 1,2,3

-BASKET WEAVE: Sizes: 2,3,3

-NEON FISHY: Sizes: 0,1,2